Multiple access to patient data

Have concurrent access to
patient data within the practice

Live EDI claims

Realtime medical claim

Electronic Patient records

run a paperless
medical practice.

Medical aid reporting

Electronic remmitance advices.
and electronic scripts.

Medical aid and cash paying patients

Load both Medical aid patients.
and also load cash paying patients

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General Practitioners

Medipro makes running you medical practice to be a walk in a park. all information is kept offline, and a copy online for backup with Google secure cloud.A doctor can also print sicknotes,referral letters,and many other scripts directly from the system.


Medipro caters for all medical specialists in all fields. making life easier for everyone. The system keeps records of your cash paying patients and keeps track of your cash finance records so you can know how the business is perfoming for those patients who pay cash direct

Hospital institutions

Medipro can easily manage health records and practices for all hospital environment. Medipro enables easy collaboration within the hospital esuring that hospital staff can access patient info when needed to

Two solutions

We have two software solutions for medical practitioners. one is electronic patient record, inclusive of a claiming system. secondly you can choose to continue using your files and send claims to medical aid through us for very competative rates of 2% of successful claims.

Our Customer Feedback

Chief Doctor Says

Dr. Nick Sims

Dr. J Sithole

Chief Doctor

I am the owner/operator of a tiny medical practice, and do everything that my office manager does not. I am a total pain in the neck regarding my software, super picky, and believe me, these guys are great! I want details, they get me details, they even offer me suggestions, and they always solve my problems. I feel like the folks on the other end of the phone are friends who are part of my team to give my patients excellent care and not merely voices on a phone.

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